Sunday, June 30, 2013

Those on the outside will never understand

You have seen on T.V. and in the movies when someone goes to an AA meeting for the first time.  
Joining the DOC and these groups is so similar isn't it?

We introduce ourselves, "Hi, my name is Laura.  I am a diabetic." And the group shouts "Hi Laura"

Then we sit back and observe everyone, just listening, not ready to chime in yet.  Not ready to divulge our struggles and emotions, afraid to ask any questions, still a little shy about putting ourselves "out there".  Not really sure if we fit into the group and hesitant to be there. As time progresses we either feel comfortable or we don't.  Some stay and some go.

The solace is that we know we are not alone.   We may be shy and hide our emotions and struggles, or bold and just put them put there and share for everyone to see.  However we go through our lives with diabetes, we are not alone and that gives us comfort.

For the outer world looking into our circle they look at us at times with pity, judgement, criticism and sometimes sympathy but never empathy.  Those on the outside will never understand our struggles, hurdles and emotions.  Only another PWD (person with diabetes) can understand the joy of when after that meal when you test that bg is right where it should be and we want to yell "YES!"  That feeling of disappointment when you have done everything right and your blood sugar skyrockets. Those days of wanting to give up and crawl back into bed, cover your head and scream "DIABETES GO AWAY!!!"  Days of feeling lost, hopeless, in pain.  Those on the outside will never understand.  

Having to choose and account for every morsel of food that goes into your mouth.  Choosing every meal carefully, trying to get that carb count just right.  Making sure you did get it right so the insulin matches your carb count.  Fearing that next unexpected low.  Hoping you don't have a low in the middle of the night or while driving.  Planning for everything you do, even to go to the grocery store.  Taking with you your bag of supplies, your posse.  Pricking your fingers multiple times daily, wondering if it will ever be painless.  Wanting to have that small slice of pie that everyone else is having not wanting to hear "you know you can't eat that" and then you hear it and those mixed feeling of mad and shame appear.  Mad at the person who said it, mad at diabetes, and the shame and disgust that goes with it.  Those on the outside will never understand.  

On the inside of this Diabetes circle we are not alone.  We may be at different stages of our diabetes, a different "type", on a different path, but we are all thrown into this circle together and we will make it.  

          I am Strong and I am Weak.
          I am Fearless but I am Afraid.
          I have Happiness and I have Sadness.
          I am Wise but I am not Perfect.
          I can Laugh but sometimes Cry.
          I may feel like I am on top of the world and then I am slapped down by 
                 that diabetes monster and thrown down into that pit and feel weak, 
                 afraid, sad, imperfect, and cry.
          I climb out, dust myself off and become strong, fearless, happy, wise and 
             laugh once more. 

          Hi, my name is Laura and I have Diabetes. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What? You have diabetes you can't eat Ice Cream !!

Well it has been awhile since I wrote -- it's about time I get back at it.  I have a whole list of topics but can only cover one at a time.  I was trying to decide what to start off with from my long list.  When across my Facebook newsfeed came the reminder of The Diabetic Ice Cream Social.  So I thought I would start back with a blog on the topic.

We are constantly reminded daily of what we can't do and what we should do because we have Diabetes.  People, our loved ones, friends and co-workers that do not have Diabetes really have no idea what our struggles and issues are.  Every morsel of food that goes into our mouths has our heads spinning with:

     Can I?
     Should I?
     How many carbs?
     How much are my blood sugar levels going to rise?
     Did I get the carb count right?
     Did I get the insulin to carb ratio right?
     How much exercise will I need to do to cover this?

We have Diabetes but that does not mean that we can NEVER have a treat -- we can as long as we do it responsibly and it doesn't become a habit. 

My good friend Liz (I hope she doesn't mind that I call her a good friend) started The Diabetic Ice Cream Social in 2011 with it being the first.  She has gotten a lot of unfair criticism for her efforts, but the overwhelming support for her efforts has been far greater.  I hope that we can again this year grow in leaps and bounds with the people that participate.

I fully support the cause and effort that Liz puts into this.  We are responsible for what we do, all of us.  There are times that we that have Diabetes can choose to have a treat or something out of our daily eating plan as long as we do it responsibly.  That is what this is all about.  We as diabetics (I know some of you don't like that term) can come together once a year and unite together with all the types of diabetics and show our family, loved ones, friends, co-workers, THE WORLD, that we can live, have fun and enjoy some ice cream.

This is a chance for fellow diabetics in the DOC (diabetic online community) to help the newbies, type 1's can help type 2's, type 2's can show the others how difficult it is to allow themselves a little treat and do it responsibly without going high.  D moms and D dads if you are new at this ask for some help from the others, we want your kiddos to be able to enjoy and understand why we are participating.  We can all learn from one other and help each other.

You do not have to eat Ice Cream, it can be something totally different.  Maybe it is a small slice of cake, pie, cookie, or frozen yogurt maybe some fruit. Whatever the choice, make sure you do not do too much.  Choose a good time of the day for you to do this when your bg is in good range and possibly before your exercise regimen or a group of you can get together and do this.  Have an Ice Cream Social party.

I truly hope that you will all join in and learn, if you haven't already, to live, love and laugh.  Diabetes does not have to be hum drum and boring.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

You can "like" the Facebook page and get updates by going to:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Professor Sugar Cookie

A very good friend of mine shared her experience with me about her encounter with "Professor Sugar Cookie".   She was flabbergasted and speechless at first and then became outraged when her friend, yes a Professor, stated "diabetes is caused by eating too many cookies".   That folks, is how she got her name.

Many of us have encountered these kind of people, or read their writings, dignorant people who are very well educated.  They just happen to be uneducated in the area of Diabetes.  If you have not encountered such a person, give it time, you will.  There are many of them out there.  

In my many of years of dealing with these people and watched as others have dealt with them, I will tell you what usually does not work, arguing with them.  You will most likely come away frustrated, exhausted and mad.  What works then?  Asking questions and lots of them !!!  This will take you out of the defensive and put them in a position where they become frustrated, exhausted and possibly downright mad.

So, when you are face to face with one of these individuals, first take a deep breath and gain composure.  Then start firing away.  Keep your comments pleasant along with your questions, showing that you would really like to hear more, but in essence you are trying to bring the person to a point where they finally realize they don't have the information correct or have none at all.  Here are a few examples to ask in this situation:

 "Wow, I did not know that.  Where did you get the information from? I would like to read it."
"Would you please give me research articles on the studies on how eating that causes Diabetes?"
"I would like to share that information with my Diabetic friends.  Would you please explain to me how this happens?"
"How many cookies would a person have to eat to develop Diabetes?"
"What Type of Diabetes does this cause?"
"Is there a certain type of cookie that eating too much of causes Diabetes?"

Have fun with your questions and be creative.  You will know when to quit ~~ the person will try to change the subject, possibly many times.  They will eventually get frustrated.  Let them think they have won.  But you know they have not......because you will plan for your next visit with the Professor.  The next visit you will have researched articles and studied the information you need, printing out the information to give to this person.  You will come prepared, with knowledge and insight so that you can share with him or her in a manner of hospitality and graciousness.  The goal is to educate those who are not educated and do it in such away that both parties are comfortable and respectful.

And of course offer a plate of cookies to your guest.

Have a great D day everyone !!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome to my new Blog

There is so much information out there about Diabetes and it can be confusing and even a daunting task reading through all of the literature and articles.  Many of us on Facebook get articles that others share through our newsfeed and we sometimes without even reading it pass it along as well as sharing those articles we find off of the internet.

All too often the headlines to the articles are misleading, or even false.  I get very frustrated with the authors of these articles that do that.  It seems they are more interested in grabbing your attention than sharing the truth. The studies can be very confusing to navigate through and can be quite lengthy.  What I am seeing when I start researching what the author of the article is reporting is quite different from what the study actually concludes.  Many of these authors I believe are uneducated in the field of Diabetes.  Hence my new word dignorant.

Because of this I decided to share the real information with you and call out the bad and share the good.  I actually like reading through the literature and articles and researching.  Not only do I learn but I can share the information with others in hopes that they too will become more educated and enlightened.

So, welcome to my new blog, Shut the Diabetes Door.  I hope together we can expose the false information and poor reporting of the studies and share the good information giving credit where it needs to be given.  Let's keep the door open for the information to come through and SHUT IT to the erroneous, false and the sometimes downright wacky material.

If you come across any articles that you would like me to share my insight on please email the link to the article or the article itself to: