Thursday, February 21, 2013

Professor Sugar Cookie

A very good friend of mine shared her experience with me about her encounter with "Professor Sugar Cookie".   She was flabbergasted and speechless at first and then became outraged when her friend, yes a Professor, stated "diabetes is caused by eating too many cookies".   That folks, is how she got her name.

Many of us have encountered these kind of people, or read their writings, dignorant people who are very well educated.  They just happen to be uneducated in the area of Diabetes.  If you have not encountered such a person, give it time, you will.  There are many of them out there.  

In my many of years of dealing with these people and watched as others have dealt with them, I will tell you what usually does not work, arguing with them.  You will most likely come away frustrated, exhausted and mad.  What works then?  Asking questions and lots of them !!!  This will take you out of the defensive and put them in a position where they become frustrated, exhausted and possibly downright mad.

So, when you are face to face with one of these individuals, first take a deep breath and gain composure.  Then start firing away.  Keep your comments pleasant along with your questions, showing that you would really like to hear more, but in essence you are trying to bring the person to a point where they finally realize they don't have the information correct or have none at all.  Here are a few examples to ask in this situation:

 "Wow, I did not know that.  Where did you get the information from? I would like to read it."
"Would you please give me research articles on the studies on how eating that causes Diabetes?"
"I would like to share that information with my Diabetic friends.  Would you please explain to me how this happens?"
"How many cookies would a person have to eat to develop Diabetes?"
"What Type of Diabetes does this cause?"
"Is there a certain type of cookie that eating too much of causes Diabetes?"

Have fun with your questions and be creative.  You will know when to quit ~~ the person will try to change the subject, possibly many times.  They will eventually get frustrated.  Let them think they have won.  But you know they have not......because you will plan for your next visit with the Professor.  The next visit you will have researched articles and studied the information you need, printing out the information to give to this person.  You will come prepared, with knowledge and insight so that you can share with him or her in a manner of hospitality and graciousness.  The goal is to educate those who are not educated and do it in such away that both parties are comfortable and respectful.

And of course offer a plate of cookies to your guest.

Have a great D day everyone !!!!!

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