Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome to my new Blog

There is so much information out there about Diabetes and it can be confusing and even a daunting task reading through all of the literature and articles.  Many of us on Facebook get articles that others share through our newsfeed and we sometimes without even reading it pass it along as well as sharing those articles we find off of the internet.

All too often the headlines to the articles are misleading, or even false.  I get very frustrated with the authors of these articles that do that.  It seems they are more interested in grabbing your attention than sharing the truth. The studies can be very confusing to navigate through and can be quite lengthy.  What I am seeing when I start researching what the author of the article is reporting is quite different from what the study actually concludes.  Many of these authors I believe are uneducated in the field of Diabetes.  Hence my new word dignorant.

Because of this I decided to share the real information with you and call out the bad and share the good.  I actually like reading through the literature and articles and researching.  Not only do I learn but I can share the information with others in hopes that they too will become more educated and enlightened.

So, welcome to my new blog, Shut the Diabetes Door.  I hope together we can expose the false information and poor reporting of the studies and share the good information giving credit where it needs to be given.  Let's keep the door open for the information to come through and SHUT IT to the erroneous, false and the sometimes downright wacky material.

If you come across any articles that you would like me to share my insight on please email the link to the article or the article itself to:

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